Supporter Alliance Meeting Minutes 10/7/2018

Another meeting has been held between the Supporter Alliance and Yeovil Town Football Club last month. As usual this is to discuss various topics with club officials and representatives of supporters groups. The minutes of the meeting have been typed below but you can also view the original PDF document sent by the club by clicking here.

Supporter Alliance Meeting Minutes
Tuesday 10th July 2018 11am


Rich Rendell - Chairman
Glovers Trust - Brenden Owen / Terri Burt
DSA - Sharon Swain
Rob Newport - Cary Glovers
Kirstie Baker - YTFC Joint Secretary
James Hillier - YTFC Stadium Manager
Alex O’Loughlin - YTFC Press/Media
David Mills - YTFC Supporter Director
Police spotters


Paul Hadlow - Green & Whites
Junior Glovers - Marilyn Cottle
Community Trust - Sara Bradley
Bridport Glovers - Tom Burt

• Opening comments by the Alliance Chairman.

Welcome to the Vice Chairman of the DSA – Simon Woodland.
In the last meeting the group offered thank to the players that have left and since then two more left – Connor Smith and Jonathan Maddison, we wish them all the best for their future. The Alliance welcome the 4 new players, and those who have renewed their contracts, and hope they have a successful career with us. Thanks, and best wishes to Otis Khan who has moved onto Mansfield, the group wish him success with his new club and his future.

RR said he was immensely disappointed that the club had failed to show England World Cup games at Huish Park and felt the club had done a poor job at explaining why this had not been possible. Aside from losing potential income RR felt this was a one-off opportunity to bring all together and the result is not good enough for the fans.

RR requested a written explanation from the club as to why hosting these games had not been possible and how the club planned to put this right in future.

• Apologies

As above.

• Approval of minutes and matters arising.

Minutes from meeting held on 12th June were agreed. To be circulated after the meeting.

• SLO role nominations and discussions.

Further to discussions in the previous meeting we have received nominations for Paul Hadlow and Gayle Franklin to share the SLO role.
There have been no other nominations from within the groups at present. Club to advertise and for the groups to support in pushing the role. Once applications are in then the Alliance groups to review.

• Match day programme amendments discussion.

Update from Alex O’Loughlin after the meeting -

Following the EFL AGM in June, the decision was made to remove the mandatory requirement for the production of a matchday programme. However, after consulting supporters the decision was made by YTFC to maintain the production of a matchday programme. Green & White will remain a 64-page publication priced at £3 with a fresh look for the 2018/19 season. The only major change will see Tuesday night midweek matches (excluding the Aston Villa cup tie) have a reduced 48-page programme costing £2.

• Stadium maintenance update.

JH explained that the electrical work is near completion, and this is where the focus and expense has been. JH explained that this has helped set up a good platform for concerts in the future.

Dates for the deep clean to come out soon. It shouldn’t be done too soon, and will be nearer the start of the season.

Steward training completed ready for the new season.

• Volunteers to help club practically over the summer.

Advert will go out in the next week for volunteers to come in after the friendlies but before the season starts.

Incentives to offer, food/drink/refreshments, ticket to a home league game, and create a core group of people, ensure that there is a photo shoot and that the volunteers are recognised.

• Player sponsorship.

DL has checked with other clubs what they offer – Stevenage have an identical package to us, and Exeter’s is £100 more with additional offers.

Suggestions from the group to the Club –

The Kit sponsor costs £550 however they only receive the shirt and not the whole kit. The kit to be presented to the sponsor by the player at the end of the season (perhaps combine with the end of season awards).

Something personalised from the player for that person/company sponsoring. The Player to be involved in at least one event or meet & greet in the season for that sponsorship.

• Post season awards consultation.

To keep on the agenda and review throughout the season.

• Accommodation for Alliance members at Huish Park.

A gazebo will be in place on match days for the Alliance to share and advertise their groups. The DSA will still obtain a solid hut due to storage and for a base for away supporters.

• Results of the Alliance to date.

Debate in previous meeting regarding wording and the list has been adapted and changed. The current list is:

• Alliance suggestion adopted by the club for lower price season tickets (and increase in age
band from 21) for under 23s
• Alliance suggestion adopted by the club for lower match prices for young persons & under 16s
• Subsidised travel to Checkatrade semi-final game
• Ticket bundles for 2017/18 season to give fans some flexibility in purchasing tickets
• Extra marquee staff as due to licensing a speed bar implementation was not viable
• Introduction of Match Day hotline for service or anti-social behaviour issues.
• Tab on website for the Alliance where updates and minutes of meetings can be viewed
• In association with fan poll, chose the 2018/19 home shirt.
• Consultation regarding 2018/19 match day programme.
• Consultation regarding 2018/19 end of season awards.

• Update on potential Legal briefing.

In the last meeting the Club requested questions to be submitted by the Alliance groups for the Legal Director to review. The BO handed the Glovers Trust’s questions to RR in order for him to forward a single list of questions from all Alliance groups.

• Glovers Trust 10-point challenge update

Previously the GT set DM a 10-point challenge. It was agreed that the updates would be published in these minutes. DM ran through an update on current actions:

Item 1
Communicate the terms of the covenants affecting the Huish Park site, what has been done to remove these, and the impact they are having on building a permanent social club.

Latest Response
YTFC Legal Director David Lee is happy to attend a future Alliance meeting to discuss such matters.

Item 2
Explore the cost and practicalities of installing low level lighting on the path that runs between the Screwfix Stand and the traffic lights on Western Avenue. The visibility on the section leading up to the traffic lights is particularly poor.

Latest Response
In discussion with event crew who supply mobile lights, and who are considering selling some lights to YTFC. It is too costly to rent.

Item 3
Explore the practicalities of utilising vendor trays and mobile catering to sell food and drinks inside the stadium during a match.

Latest Response
The Corporate Hospitality Manager has said this is not a viable proposition as food hygiene restrictions mean that food has to be kept either hot or cold as appropriate. However, the club has been looking at an alternate system proposed by a YTFC fan which could be in place for the 2018/19 season if approved. Fan concerned has now cancelled several meetings however. Nominated fan professional volunteer Brendon O’Connell now to be contacted.

Item 4
Ensure that all sinks in the toilet areas dispense hot water as well as cold.

Latest Response
An estimate for this work has been received and equates to just under £15,000. As an alternative it has been suggested that gel dispensers be fitted in all toilets and this option will be explored before the July Supporters Alliance meeting. – gel dispensers now ordered and waiting for dispensers and gel to be put up shortly.

Item 5
Explore the practicalities of providing a dedicated bus link that runs from the train stations, via the town centre to the stadium.

Latest Response
A quote of £480 per game has been received for service between the Town Centre, Yeovil Junction, Yeovil Pen Mill and Huish Park. The service consists of a single bus running one trip to the ground before a game and the reverse trip after. As an alternative it has been suggested that the option is explored to extend existing bus services via South West C and First. First – most suitable service for supporters is service 51, however are unable to extend to Huish Park. No response from South West so RN will contact. DM to refer back to First for midweek games and ask for an extension on the times they will run.

Item 6
Create a designated area for supporters to lead chants and use flags and instruments on the terrace to enhance the atmosphere during matches.

Latest Response
It is confirmed that these activities are permitted. Club to communicate options for fans better before league season starts. The media team will be issuing an article in build up to first league match to promote area for flags, singing etc.

Item 7
Implement regular and varied entertainment at half-time, primarily aimed at children and younger supporters. Examples could include a crossbar challenge, beat the goalie competition wacky challenges, or anything else that will keep people entertained.

Latest Response
A special meeting has been held with the community sports trust regarding this and matchday activity generally and they have indicated they are prepared to develop pilot promotions of this type during 10 matches to be identified. MC suggested having a trickster to entertain at half time as a variety of entertainment at some games and offered that the Junior Glovers to pay for this.

Item 8
Explore the practicality of implementing a prize draw whereby attending supporters could win an upgrade from a normal matchday seat to a box/executive seat for the next match.

Latest Response
This is already in the pipeline as part of a strategy to drive programme sales and will be included as part of next season’s programme.

Item 9
Explore the practicality of implementing a half-time prize draw whereby younger supporters can win an opportunity to meet the playing squad following a match.

Latest Response
Need to revisit the set up of this as not practical to meet after the game. Junior Glovers could run a competition. Another suggestion is to have a draw once a month in the marquee, the money raised would be split between a chosen charity and the club. The winner received a signed shirt and will have a meet and greet with this player at the next home game.

Item 10
Give supporters an input into the music which the team walk out to, perhaps inviting fans to vote from shortlist drawn up by the playing staff for the tune to be played ahead of the next match.

Latest Response
The walk out music is chosen by the management team, but a matchday playlist can be created which incorporates suggestions from fans.

Wrap around the Thatcher’s fence – DL has a potential sponsor in place
Memorial wall – the garden is full and we still have people coming forward. Discussed the idea of the wall but suggest extending the garden to the other side of the roundabout. IF we have a wall it may be disturbed in the future if changes are made to the ground. Agreed that an extension of the garden is probably the best suggestion.
BO raised concerns that the Glovers Trust are not mentioned on the Alliance tab on the club website. DM Confirmed this correction had been actioned in May after an enquiry by Stuart Burrell.
Marquee has had an overhaul and is now called The Huish Pint! Supporters are advised to visit!

• Date of next meeting.
8th August 6pm.

• Actions

KB to put SLO role on the website and social media to gain volunteers and nominations. Can KB to circulate the SLO role to groups.
JH to advertise and groups to push the clean-up.
DL to promote and announce revised player packages.
Group - Volunteers for Plymouth game required. Names to be sent to KB.
Group to share their questions for Legal Director with KB to collate.
RN will contact south west coaches. DM to go back to First for evening games.

After formal closure of the meeting - informal chat with Police spotters

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