Supporter Alliance Meeting Minutes 12.9.2018

The Supporter Alliance has held another meeting last month to discuss various topics with club officials and representatives of individual supporters groups. The full minutes of the meeting has been typed below but you can also view the original PDF document by clicking here.

Supporter Alliance Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday 12th September 2018 at Midday
Venue: Fleetwood Suite, First Floor, Huish Park, YTFC

Rich Rendell - Chairman
Paul Hadlow - G&Ws
Sara Bradley - Community Trust
Brendan Owen - Glovers Trust
Terri Burt - Glovers Trust
Mike Rowsell - DSA
Rob Newport - Cary Glovers
Kirstie Baker - YTFC

Marilyn Cottle - Junior Glovers
Tom Burt - Bridport Glovers
Sharon Swain - DSA
Simon Woodland - DSA
David Mills - YTFC

• Opening comments by the Alliance Chairman

The Chairman noted that Andy Rossiter has resigned as a Director of the club and felt that his length of service and contribution to the club should be noted. On the pitch RR said we’ve had a good positive start to the season and it seems that the club have put money into the playing budget. If the improvement continues then RR felt that attendance at home games was bound to increase. RR said it was now becoming urgent that the club gave an update on the various legal questions the Alliance groups wanted to address.

• Apologies – as above

• Approval of minutes and matters arising

There were two questions added since the draft minutes were circulated. The group were updated in this meeting and agreed the content.
An update of these two areas are as follows:

Season Ticket Discount Clarification

The season ticket holder discount is for the season ticket holder only. It is a 10% for all season ticket holders. The staff should use their own discretion and judgement on individual cases where season ticket holders cannot make it to the ground themselves.

Walking Football – Update

The club are in discussions with a local walking football team who are looking to affiliate to YTFC and these discussions continue. The club, last season, worked with the Somerset FA, and allowed them to advertise and show walking football at a fixture and this should continue into this season.

• SLO Role

There were two individuals nominated and written to by the Club, however no formal response received, therefore the role remains open. There were no applicants from the recent advert. The role does need to be reviewed however for now Kirstie Baker will be the contact for the EFL and supporters, and she will liaise with relevant individuals/departments as matters arise and refer each point onwards.

• Stadium Maintenance Update

Update from Stadium Manager, James Hiller, on the work being completed in the stadium that may not be visual to supporters therefore is important to note. JH has applied for a second football stadium grant to have an improved back up system in the control room.

There has been re-routing of soil pipes from the hospitality and conference area which is a costly, but necessary, exercise.

Electrical testing taking place around the stadium.

Volunteers are still helping with stadium maintenance and a story will be published at the end of the programme.

• Post Season Swards Consultation

No update - to remain on the agenda.

• Accommodation for Alliance members at Huish Park

The gazebo is now in place. To confirm the groups are to update the Club ahead of a match day if they would like it in place and to liaise with each to decide who/when it can be used.

The Community Trust will be having a match day base in the Junior Glovers cabin.

RB/JH to provide an update on the progress of this. Item can now be removed from the agenda.

• Results of the Alliance to Date

Ticketing bundles are now back on sale due to the success from season 17/18 and the list of Alliance achievements should record this.

• Update on potential Legal briefing.

Refer to the start of the minutes.

• Glovers Trust 10-point Challenge


JH provided an update on the lighting situation. The Club will be renting lighting and the lights will be in situ when required. The club will still look to purchase and install permanent lighting along the paths.

Buses Route for Evening Matches
Glovers Trust require an update on this item. DM is absent from this meeting therefore will provide update in the minutes. DM provided these comments for the minutes. A lot of time has been spent on looking at this option but all options to date have either been uneconomic or the transport provider has been unable to help. I feel this indicates that this is not a viable project at this time but am happy to discuss further if the Alliance disagrees.

• Checkatrade Trophy

With the Checkatrade Trophy starting, and the EFL improving fan engagement, clubs are selecting one group game to help raise the profile of the competition. KB explained the proposed actions for our fixture V West Ham on 06/11 and asked for further contributions and discussion. The group agreed with the actions proposed by the club and suggested a penalty shoot out with the away team fans at half time. The club will consider this along with plans that the Community Trust have.

There is a consensus among the group that the games are improving as are the crowds. If you don’t enter the competition then you don’t have the opportunity to win, which can bring much needed fortunes to the clubs. It is worth, however, the club and EFL reiterating the rules of the group stages as there still appears to be confusion among fans when it comes to a match resulting in a draw.

Feedback from the group to the EFL:

The fixtures always being played on an evening affects the crowds and the interest. Could it be considered that the fixtures are played on international weekends rather than league fixtures.

For league clubs to play the invited clubs at their first team grounds as this would improve interest and increase in away fans.


Community Trust explained their plan to take over 10 home fixtures and implement activities on the 3G ahead of fixtures and half-time entertainment. They have made excellent progress and having them onsite on a match day will improve this and the match day experience for supporters.

Various people present raised concerns (including giving examples) about service levels in the shop and the car parking stewards at the front of the stadium. Both of which were identified as issues that cost the club lost income and goodwill. These issues to be discussed DM before the next Alliance meeting.

The changes to Academy were noted and whilst noting the improved output from the Academy, including an Academy player taking the field for the first team, it was felt that the people who had left the Academy over the summer such as Paul Wilson and Steve Rutter should be acknowledged for their contribution.

The group identified that after leaving the Board Mr Rossiter’s comments seemed to contradict earlier club statements as Mr Rossiter seemed to be implying that a group he had been involved with made a bid to buy the club. A request was made that the club, via DM, respond to this apparent contradiction at the next meeting.

• Date of Next Meeting

10th October 2018 at 11:30am

• Actions

DM to be asked to pursue the answers to the Alliance’s list of legal questions.

DM to provide an update on the possibility of improving bus routes for evening games.

DM to be asked to explain why comments by the club and Andy Rossiter seemed to differ in some areas.

RB/JH to update on the clearing of part of the kids cabin for the Community Trust to use as a match day base.

JH to confirm that lighting on the Screwfix paths will be in place when fixtures are played and there is no daylight.