Appeal for Photos of YTFC and its Supporters

We have been contacted by Henry Buckton who is a local musician who writes scrumpy and western style songs about aspects of life in Somerset. For his next song, he is looking to write about Yeovil Town Football Club, focusing on the various ups and down it's experienced over it's long history. He has asked us to see if we can interest any Yeovil Town supporters who would like to send him photos of the football club and it's supporters to help illustrate the song. All photos will be properly credited on the film and will be a huge help to Henry.

If this is something that you would be interested in, you can reach him on his email at Be sure to check out his other songs that include 'Down on Glastonbury Farm', 'Drink Down yer Scrumpy', 'Country Boy' and 'Somerset's a land of Sun' on his YouTube channel or his website