Supporter Alliance Meeting Minutes 10.4.2019

The Supporter Alliance has held another meeting last month to discuss various topics with club officials and representatives of individual supporters groups. The full minutes of the meeting has been typed below but you can also view the original PDF document by clicking here.

Supporter Alliance Meeting Agenda
Wednesday 10 April 2019 at 10am
Venue: George Smith Suite, Yeovil Town FC


Rich Rendell - Chairman
Paul Hadlow - G&Ws
Sharon Swain - DSA
Simon Woodland - DSA
Brendon Owen - GT
Terri Burt - GT
Rob Newport - Cary Glovers
Marilyn Cottle - Junior Glovers
Sara Bradley - Community Trust
Kirstie Baker - YTFC
David Mills - YTFC

• Welcome by the Alliance Chairman.
Chairman opened the meeting with best wishes to Darren Way on his future. There have been a few changes over the recent month. RR asked for clarification from DM who confirmed that the takeover would still proceed if YTFC are relegated. Currently the paperwork is with the EFL and confirmed that the details put forward were agreed with the current Chairman and current Board of Directors.

• Apologies
Tom Burt - Bridport Glovers
James Hillier
Dave Linney
Mark Palmer

• Approval of minutes of last monthly meeting and matters arising.
Minutes agreed from previous meeting.

• EFL Rule for Supporter Engagement:
DM updated the group that all clubs had had a reminder from the EFL about the rule in place for Clubs meeting with supporters, which is twice a year. To record we are operating in excess of this having a meeting every month and some in-between, as well as weekly with DM and RR.

• Update from Mark Palmer: MP not present however update given via DM.
As mentioned, MP is waiting feedback from the EFL on their proposals. MP is involved with several items in moving the club forward and working with all departments.

RR noted that the takeover and the recruitment of Neale has lifted the fans, the atmosphere at the last home game was positive and there is confidence to remain in the EFL.

• Stadium update:
No update from JH.
RR raised concern with the disabled facilities and ladies’ toilets. SS is waiting for the takeover to complete and will discuss with the new regime.

• Shirt update:
Tag will continue as the supplier.
The initial designs were shown in the last Alliance meeting.
It was intended to hold an evening for fans to see the shirts and have online voting from fans, however due to time constraints supporters will only vote online and via the Alliance.
The mock up shirts were shown by DM and the group decided the final 2 home and away shirts to take forward for vote. DM raised questions for the DSA to consider recent feedback on colour blindness. It is the intention for all kit of be in the shop for the summer.

• Season tickets:
No update to give.

• Post season awards:
For this season the process will remain the same as previous seasons with all supporters voting via the G&Ws even if not members.

• Results:
See over page.

• AOB:
SBradley – raised a recent issue with CR where the Community Trust have had a room booked with the conference centre for over a year, for one of their Community action days, also checked the booking twice throughout the year with no issues. However
recently been told that the booking is now longer viable and will be moved to the marquee, to allow for another conference to come in. Note the Community Trust were prepared to pay for the facility. DM to raise with CR.

SW – Supporter MR has been invited to into the dugout for the next home game, courtesy of NM.

Reminder that for the last game of the season the gazebo is being used by the Community Trust for their takeover day.

SBradley provided updates for Community Trust activities at the next two home games

Colchester – training session for their Talent ID Centres, Easter relay at half time.

Carlisle – Takeover day, JPL game on the 3G, match day experiences, coaching, half time activities and local Mind awareness.

MC – there will be Easter Eggs for children at the Colchester fixture available from the kids cabin.

BO – the GT would like to move the gazebo at the next home game to between the Screwfix and the Terrace – agreed.

PH – praise for the hospitality department for Mother’s Day. The restaurant was full, good turnout, good food.

RR questioned if the bars could be open for a social event for the England fixtures in June. DM to speak to CR.

RR – for the next home game supports are to bring flags and banners to be place on the away terrace.

• Date of next meeting:
15th May evening at 7pm.