Supporter Alliance Meeting Minutes 16/5/2018

Another meeting has been held between the Supporter Alliance and Yeovil Town Football Club last month. As usual this is to discuss various topics with club officials and representatives of supporters groups. The minutes of the meeting have been typed below but you can also view the original PDF document sent by the club by clicking here.

Supporter Alliance Meeting Minutes
Wednesday 16th May 2018 11am


Rich Rendell - Chairman
Glovers Trust - Stuart Burrell and Rod Jones
DSA - Sharon Swain
Community Trust - Sara Bradley
Bridport Glovers - Tom Burt
Cary Glovers - Rob Newport
YTFC Press Officer - Alex O’Loughlin
Supporter Director - David Mills
Club Secretary - Kirstie Baker
YTFC - Shaun Jowett – College placement (observing)


Junior Glovers - Marilyn Cottle
G&Ws - Paul Hadlow

Opening comments by the Alliance Chairman

RR welcomed all, especially Rod Jones (Vice-Chairman Glovers Trust). Congratulations were noted for Sharon Swain in respect of her becoming Chairperson of the DSA.


Apologies sent by Marilyn Cottle (Junior Glovers) and Paul Hadlow (G&Ws).

Approval of minutes and matters arising

Previous minutes approved.

It was agreed that as the group was now to meet monthly draft minutes of each meeting would be circulated 2 weeks before the next meeting. The minutes will then be approved in the next meeting. Once the minutes have been approved they will be immediately published. If changes are required, the time of publication will be agreed in the meeting and announced immediately.

Match day Programme

AL explained that the EFL are holding a vote with clubs to establish if the programme should remain mandatory.

AL asked the groups to ask their supporters for feedback on the content of the programme as social media etc gives information instantly therefore should the content of the programme change.

AL will use this feedback when attending the EFL AGM.

All were glad that the Club will carry on with the programme as it is something the fans want and
understand the change and need to be profitable. Some suggestions were:

➢ Look into buying patterns (age group, interests) and tailor accordingly.
➢ Have squad details inside the programme but leave spaces on the back for supporters to write who the squad is.
➢ Have more content on history from both Clubs.
➢ Include a legends profile and invite the legend of that programme in on a match day. The digital archive project can be used.

It was agreed that AL would seek fans views via club media, but also that all Alliance member groups would seek the thoughts on their members and feed back to the next Alliance meeting.

Stadium maintenance update
JH could not attend to give an update at the meeting. He has since provided the following update:

➢ Floodlight works now complete and currently waiting for retest of LUX level.
➢ Electrical works in tea bars are underway. JH has submitted a Football Foundation Application in an attempt to get a funding contribution toward the works.
➢ Progress now being made with emergency lighting test within the stadium.
➢ General seat repairs and general maintenance in preparation for the concert.
➢ Following the concert, we will be carrying out a deep clean of the stadium and would welcome any assistance from supporters willing to help.

Volunteers to help club over the summer

The Club is seeking volunteers to assist with the overall cleaning of the stadium and painting of the steps. This will need to be done after the summer concerts. This will be communicated to the groups and via the YTFC Website. Groups asked to support this and assist with obtaining volunteers.

It was mentioned that any volunteers should be looked after and acknowledged by the club.

EFL Supporter engagement regulations

At the start of the 2016/17 new regulatory requirements were handed to EFL Clubs regarding Supporter Engagement and that the frequency of the Alliance meetings was in excess of the requirements.

The Club’s thanks to all of those involved with the Alliance was recorded

Post season awards

DM said that after the last home game of the season two long standing fans had voiced their thoughts that the club had blocked fans from voting in the seasons end of season awards. DM said that he had explained that this was not correct but had promised to bring the matter to the attention of the Alliance.

All members groups were asked to consult their membership on points like:

• Do member groups wish to review the voting processes?
• Should the awards be via separate awards evening or event?
• Should there be fewer awards?
• Should there be an Alliance award?

DM said he was aware this was a sensitive subject and there were some awards made by other parties outside the Alliance who made awards and would need to be consulted too.

All groups were asked to consult their members on this subject and report back on initial thoughts.

This will remain on the agenda until resolved.

Suggestion for Police spotters to attend the next Alliance meeting

This was agreed to be a good idea and if was also suggested that someone representing Stewards should also attend.

Accommodation for Alliance members at Huish Park

DM said this is to remain a standard item on the agenda until resolved as both the DSA and Glovers Trust were seeking to have a new presence at Huish Park next season. DM outlined that the Legal Director was on leave so there were no developments at this time, but there would be progress by the time of the next Alliance meeting.

Results of the Alliance to date

DM reminded that in the past it had been agreed that the Alliance should record it achievements to date via meeting minutes so that member organisations could more easily show the value of being involved. The current list of areas where the Alliance has positively influence change at YTFC is:

• Alliance suggestion adopted by the club for lower price season tickets (and increase in age band from 21) for under 23s
• Alliance suggestion adopted by the club for lower match prices for young persons & under16s
• Subsidised travel to Checkatrade semi-final game
• Ticket bundles for 2017/18 season to give fans some flexibility in purchasing tickets
• Pop up tea bars deployed when needed to assist with queue times at half time
• Extra marquee staff as due to licensing a speed bar implementation was not viable
• Introduction of Match Day hotline for service or anti-social behaviour issues.
• Revised wording of the Alliance Objectives, Terms & Conditions
• Tab on website for the Alliance where updates and minutes of meetings can be viewed
• Chased pot hole and repair programmes at Huish Park
• Trial of relaxation of playing shirts ban in Alec Stock lounge.
• Possible new screen signs behind Thatchers stand for next season.
• In association with fan poll, chose the 2018/19 home shirt.
• Consultation regarding 2018/19 match day programme.
• Consultation regarding 2018/19 end of season awards.



RN suggested to the group a memorial wall to be in place, in addition to the roundabout. Initially for the Club to dedicate to Bruce James. Group agreed, DM to follow up with the Club.

SLO Role

KB explained that the Club need to recruit a Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO) and it is suggested that it comes from a member of the Alliance rather than internally at the Club. KB to create a role description to be circulated for feedback and to be discussed at the next meeting.

Kit Sponsorship

SS – recommended that the price and the package of the kit sponsorship is reviewed as the package did not appear to be good value in comparison to what other clubs offered. Dave Linney to be notified and asked if he can attend next meeting.

Player Appearances

It was mentioned that although the club and Community Sports Trust did a lot of work in the community this was not always well known by fans, particularly in relation to YTCST work. It was agreed that the Club needed to improve the information given to supporters on YTFC in the Community and the excellent work that the Community Trust do.

Expert Volunteers

DM reminded that previously he had asked for nominations for from each group for professional volunteer fans who could work with the different off the field sections from the club. So far only 2 nominations had been made. DM said that it was important that a the group makes a decision on the persons recommended to the club occurs no later than the June Alliance meeting and reminded all
group therefore that if there were any additional recommendations they needed to be made before the June Alliance meeting.


RR led a discussion on catering at the Club. He explained that DM was doing a good job at working to improve the service and facilities at the club and that RR and DM were part of a small catering group designed to help improve services.

Although this group had managed to get some improvements RR was disappointed that basic issues were recurring such as no milk in the Screwfix stand at the last match. A fan had also been told at 2.45 that no Burgers were available until half time. In addition:

• The Alliance request to open the bar/Club for key world cup matches had been rejected unless a significant upfront payment was made.

• Although there had been some improvements in the marquee, it remained in his view to be a sub-standard facility. RR said he would continue to push for supporter facilities at first floor level but highlighted that although fans had to use the marquee for now, simple measure to improve matters in the marquee service, such as speed bar had been blocked to date, even though they were common place at nearly every away club visited.

RR highlighted that aside from customer service all of the above issues meant the club was losing out on money.

RR said that in his view the catering section of the club remained poor. This being the case if he did not receive a more proactive approach by October he would withdraw from the catering group.

Wembley press story

TB asked about the recent press stories on the EFL’s views on the potential sale of Wembley and what advantage this would have on EFL Clubs, as the stories mentioned YTFC. DM confirmed that the club have supplied the EFL with ideas on how the club could use substantial EFL or FA funding to realise community projects like a new Community stand and fibre pitch (a type of pitch which could mean more Ladies and community games could be hosted at Huish Park).

Legal briefing

DM reminded that the Alliance had requested a chance to meet with the club Legal Director. DM confirmed the Director concerned is on leave and therefore he would be invited to a future meeting

First team manager comments

Darren Way joined the meeting and outlined his vision for next season and underlined how fan support was vital for the club. Mr Way explained that it seemed as if many EFL clubs were finding the current economic conditions tough and Yeovil was doing comparatively well on and off the field. DW finished the meeting by thanking the Alliance and all fans for their support.


KB - Meetings for the year to be circulated (see below).
AL - Programme poll to be created online and supporter groups to ask their members to vote.
JH – to add written report on stadium matters to these minutes.
KB – Supporter Engagement Regulation to be attached to these minutes.
Group - Feedback on the end of season award process to be obtained from members and fed back at the next meeting.
JH – to advertise and promote community cleaning day, and for groups to advertise.
DM – to request the attendance of Police spotters and a stewarding representative at the next meeting.
DM – to send T&Cs for presence at match days to each group.
DM – to liaise with JH regarding the memorial/plaque suggestion.
KB - circulate draft role description for the SLO role
DM – to discuss with DL kit sponsorship and player appearances on the match day.
Group – to feed in nominations for individuals who are willing to help at the Club.

Next Meeting

It was agreed that the Supporter Alliance meetings will be held on the second Wednesday in a month. Start times to be agreed.
Next 12 months:

13th June 3.00pm
10th July 11am (NB this is a Tuesday – meeting has been moved to avoid a YTFC home friendly on the Wednesday)
8th August
12th September
10th October
14th November
12th December
9th January
13th February
13th March
10th April
8th May

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