In 1924 the Football Supporters Club was formed. The club realised that to be successful on the pitch it had to be successful off it too. With this in mind, several of the old players decided to form a Supporters Club to assist the club in any possible way. The Supporters Club was one of the founder members of the Nation Federation of Football Supporters Clubs.

All activities had to stop during the war but as soon as football started again the Supporters Club was there again. They started selling cups of te aand Oxo at half time to the supporters.

In the late 1940's and early 1950's funds were set up to cover parts of the stadium and the supporters club did their bit to help fund this. The sub-branch at West Coker raised 8 pounds 11 shillings (£8.55) for ground development.

In 1952 Yeovil entertained Brighton in the first round of the FA Cup and the Supporters Club notes read: "In the event of a replay, the committee are prepared to arrange transport to Brighton for 13 shillings" (65p).

At the end of the 1967/68 season, the directors of the parent club decided they could no longer recognise the Yeovil Town Supporters Club as an official body. This saw the formation of the now recognised Green & White Supporters Club as a separate entity to the football club. Continuing the objectives of the previous club, the GWSC aimed to "provide additional finance for the football club and a service for supporters".

Over the last 93 years from the time the first supporters club was formed, to the formation of the Green & White Supporters Club, to present day, little has changed in the form of our objectives and principals. We still aim to provide additional finance to the parent club and services to our supporters. We arrange coach travel to all YTFC first team games, no matter whether its away to Exeter or away to Carlisle on a Tuesday evening! In the past we have also provided enough funds for physio equipment and we even supplied a burger van behind the home terrace. The GWSC has been there for 93 years and will always be there for the football club and it's fantastic supporters.