Q - How do I become a member of the GWSC?
A - See Paul Hadlow in the programme shop before a YTFC home match and ask for a membership form.

Q - Do I have to be a member of the GWSC to travel to away games?
A - No. Non-members are more than welcome to travel with us but travel will cost £2 more than if you were a member.

Q - How many away games do I have to travel to in order for my membership to be worth it?
A - Assuming you have a single membership of £7 you will need to travel to 4 away games in the season to begin saving money. As travel is £2 cheaper for members the more games you go to the more you will be saving.

Q - Can I get picked up and dropped off at another location?
A - Yes. We can pick you up at Ilminster, Taunton, Bridgwater, or Gordano Services if we are heading North. If we are heading towards London you can get picked up at Taunton, Ilminster, Wincanton or Willoughby Hedge Cafe. Other pick up locations are possible. When you place your booking tell Paul where you live and he will do his best to arrange a pickup that works for you.

Q - When do the coaches usually arrive at away grounds?
A - We usually aim to arrive at the ground for around 2 hours before kick off. This is to allow for traffic hold ups on the way and to allow supporters enough time to get a decent bite to eat, find a pub and do whatever they please.

Q - Can I bring alcohol on the coaches?
A - No. Alcohol is forbidden on all of our coaches by law.

Q - How often do you stop on the way to games?
A - This depends on how long the journey is. Games that are south of Birmingham or less than 3 hours will usually have no stops as there is little point in stopping so close to the destination. Journeys that are 3-5 hours will typically have 1 half hour stop on the way up and way back. 5 hour + journeys will usually have two half hour stops on the way and 2 stops on the way back.

Q - Can I reserve a specific seat on the coach?
A - Yes. When you place your booking ask for the seat you wish and we will try and book you in that seat.

Q - Can I bring hot food onto the coach?
A - At the drivers request we do not allow any hot food to be brought back onto the coaches. Hot drinks can be taken back onto the coach but please be careful not to spill them.

Q - If I register with this website does that mean I am a member of the GWSC?
A - No. You need to see Paul in the programme shop for a membership form.