Supporter Alliance Meeting Minutes 21.11.2018

The Supporter Alliance has held another meeting last month to discuss various topics with club officials and representatives of individual supporters groups. The full minutes of the meeting has been typed below but you can also view the original PDF document by clicking here.

Supporter Alliance Meeting Minutes
Wednesday 21 November 2018 at 10am
Venue: Yeovil Town FC


Rich Rendell - Chairman
Paul Hadlow - G&W
Sharon Swain - DSA
Simon Woodland - DSA
Stuart Burrell - Glovers Trust
Brendon Owen - Glovers Trust
Rob Newport - Cary Glovers
Kirstie Baker - YTFC
David Mills - YTFC
James Hillier - YTFC

Marilyn Cottle - Junior Glovers
Tom Burt - Bridport Glovers
Sara Bradley - Community Trust

• Opening comments by the Alliance Chairman

Welcome comments by Rich Rendall. Thanks to be passed David Lee (Legal Director) for the meeting held about Legal Issues and for Brendon for taking the minutes. The minutes need to be published asap. DM commented that Mr Lee is reviewing the notes and plans to meet with RR and BO to confirm the content before releasing.

• Apologies

As Above

The group discussed the timing of the meetings and the need to try to accommodate all groups. The Next meeting will be held in the evening in an attempt to accommodate all groups.

• Approval of minutes and matters arising

Minutes from 10th October 2018 agreed.

• SLO role

KB had planned to update the EFL and announcing via the website the SLO role being undertaken by the Club and the G&Ws. However there have been concerns raised within the last 24 hours within the G&Ws taking on this role.

There were concerns that the G&Ws don’t question the establishment and are too much part of the Club, and now it appears that their members are getting abused by being part of the group taking on the SLO role. PH especially has received comments from supporters, insinuating things about PH role at YTFC, of which he does voluntarily.

After discussion it was proposed that the Alliance are the SLO as a group. A group page to be set up for communication, with the programme shop being the base on match days. The Alliance to create a charter and discuss in the next meeting.

• 2019/20 shirts.

DM made the group aware that the Club will be looking for ideas for next year’s shirts to be explored and feedback via this group.

• Stewarding briefing by James Hillier.

As requested, JH attended to provide an insight into the increased searching of individuals at recent games. JH started by explaining that the reality is threats exist and we are following guidance from the FA, EFL and the police. He agrees that we need to work to get the right balance. Stewards need to balance searching with what is deemed as appropriate. We can’t dictate who to search. Stewards have training, and many have NVQs. JH explained that it is a change of culture we need to accept it RE the Stockport fixture the stewards did increase their checks and they did confiscate flares and rejected admittance. Some devices were found behind the terracing where they must have got rid of them knowing there were checks.

PH raised the feedback that, other stewards in other clubs have banter with supporters and makes it easier however here it doesn’t happen. JH confirmed that he does train the stewards to have banter and to engage with supporters, and he will continue to do so.

• Stadium maintenance update by JH.

No new updates. All previous points ongoing

Safety advisory group (SAG) have asked for a supporter representative to attend their next meeting. JH will push to the Alliance for a rep to attend when the next meeting is arranged.

Digital Archive Project. Please see

DM explained the link. Adrian Hooper is leading the project along with Yarlington and the council. The link is working progress and help is needed to review, feedback suggestions and to volunteer to help.

PH highlighted the recent posts on social media by Mark Kelly, who is writing pieces on past players and suggest that AH makes contact with him.

RR revisited the suggestion of getting ex-players here on a match day. Yeovil have good history and there are individuals who made the club where it is today. 125 years next year and the Club should be celebrating and highlighting those involved and the progression its made.

• Post season awards consultation.

To be discussed in the New Year.

• Results of the Alliance to date (see over).

• Complaint by DSA.

Referred between DSA and GT.

• Social media abuse

It was reported that in relation to debates about the club, some persons had felt they or others had been intimidated by social media posts or messages made by other fans of the club. Some of these posts/messages had used suggestions of possible intimidation by third parties (as opposed to by the poster themselves). PH mentioned messages he had received via Facebook messenger in which it had been implied that he would be banned from the club at a future date.

• All Alliance members present, and the club unanimously condemned the use of intimidation against fellow fans or club officials, players and staff.

• All organisations present expressed a desire that all should act responsibly in such matters and that all fans or club officials, players and staff should be treated in a respectful manner.

• DM commented that PH was well respected at YTFC for the work he put in and highlighted that if PH did not do this, the club would be challenged in a variety of areas such as arranging away travel for example.

• JH said that in his view the although the posts and messages reported were not acceptable, they did not appear to be sufficient to warrant referral to the authorities. JH said the club would monitor the matter but in cases where intimidation was suspected, persons seeing the posts or receiving the messages always had the option of reporting such comments to the social media platform being used.

• There was no actual proof that the third parties quoted in the messages were a party to them and in one case even aware of them.

• Query re comments made by former Director

The group outlined that they were unsatisfied with DM’s answer on this point and asked for further clarification#

• Supporters Alliance Gazebo

GT have concerns with the positioning as it is tucked behind the portacabin and not seen or swamped by the queues to the ticket office. GT asked if it can be moved to nearer the marquee.

PH highlighted that the concern of the volume of complaints received last time the GT were in the marquee and the impact it had to the match day experience. Group agreed to trial by the marquee area. The Club and the group to monitor the feedback.

• Update on weekly meetings with Alliance Chairman (see attached)

Everyone to feed into Rich on a weekly basis any issues that they want addressing before the next meeting.


KB reiterated that the content of the minutes must not be referred too until published. All agreed that the process is fine. If anyone wants to bring up comments with their groups before the minutes are published, then they should speak to RR.

From last month’s actions:

The toilets in the hospitality area are now fixed.
The programme huts are being fixed, and then review what needs replacing.
Half time event coverage and stock in the shop to be referred to next meeting.

GT requested confirmation of season ticket sales. DM confirmed the total was 1,518 so far.

GT questioned the contradiction of the takeover proposals. They requested clarification to be given. The GT sent a letter which was to be addressed in the Legal meeting however it was not part of the agenda. DM to speak with Dlee.

DM thanked all Alliance member groups for their hard work in making the Alliance an effective organisation. DM quoted a few matters that would not have happened previous to the Alliance being so effective.

RR raised that the carvery on Sunday’s is very good value and good quality food, it is a shame that the numbers are low and suggests that the Club push even more and suggested that the Alliance also push to their members.

SS asked the group to help advertise the two DSA events coming up – craft sale and Bingo.

• Date of next meeting

No meeting in December. For anything urgent to refer to RR

January 9th 7.00pm.

• Actions:

To revisit the SLO role and create a Charter to adhere too as a group. Create a SLO/Alliance group on social media and for messages.
Group to review the digital project and feedback.
Coverage of half-time actions to be addressed.
Club to send Carvery adverts and groups to push on social media and websites.
Groups to push DSA events.

Results of the Alliance to date

• Alliance suggestion adopted by the club for lower price season tickets (and
increase in age band from 21) for under 23s
• Alliance suggestion adopted by the club for lower match prices for young persons
& under 16s
• Subsidised travel to Checkatrade 2018 semi-final game
• Ticket bundles introduced for 17/18 season to give fans some flexibility in purchasing tickets.
• Ticket bundles reintroduced for 2018/19 season at request of Alliance
• Extra marquee staff as due to licensing a speed bar implementation was not viable
• Introduction of Match Day hotline for service or anti-social behavior issues.
• Tab on website for the Alliance where updates and minutes of meetings can be viewed
• In association with fan poll, chose the 2018/19 home shirt.
• Consultation regarding 2018/19 match day programme.
• Consultation regarding 2018/19 end of season awards.
• Arranged meeting to address legal queries.

Update on weekly meetings with Alliance Chairman

The Alliance Chairman and Chief Operating Officer now have weekly meetings to discuss issues that arise between Alliance meetings. These have already proved to be effective, for example an issue with queuing to enter the Tamburino Stand at the Swindon match was solved by arranging an extra gate to be opened at future games.

More recently it was via this weekly meeting that the recent meeting to address legal queries was scheduled.

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