Supporter Alliance Meeting Minutes 14.3.2019

The Supporter Alliance has held another meeting last month to discuss various topics with club officials and representatives of individual supporters groups. The full minutes of the meeting has been typed below but you can also view the original PDF document by clicking here.

Supporter Alliance Meeting Agenda
Thursday 14 March 2019 10am
Venue: Fleetwood Suite, Yeovil Town FC


Rich Rendell - Chairman
Paul Hadlow - G&Ws
Sharon Swaine - DSA
Marilyn Cottle - Junior Glovers
Brendon Owen - GT
Terri Burt - GT
Kirstie Baker - YTFC
David Mills - YTFC
Mark Palmer - In Part
Peter Couhig - In Parrt

Welcome by the Alliance Chairman

Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

RR outlined the meeting and confirmed that MP and PC will be in attending following on from a previous meeting between MP and RC, and RR and SBurrell.

RR paid tribute to one of YTFC’s greatest players – Cliff Myers. The group send their condolences to the family.


Tom Burt
Rob Newport
Sara Bradley
Dave Linney

Approval of minutes of last monthly meeting and matters arising.

Minutes agreed from previous meeting.

Stadium maintenance update by James Hillier.

JH attended a Safety Advisory Group (Safety Advisory Group) meeting last week to undertake an exercise to get the Club’s Safety Certificate re-issued. JH confirmed that the certificate has no cost to Club. The SAG team are keen to liaise with supporters and openly invited supporters to attend a SAG meeting - Groups to let JH know if they wish to send a representative to a future meeting. The Club would need a special certificate for non-football events i.e. concerts, and most local authorities will charge for that new certificate which would be covered within the fees of hosting an event.

JH continues to work to improve the searching process and more stewards are in for ongoing training. RR commented that it has improved over the last few games, it seems, easier and more common sense seen.

JH informed the group that although we don’t have any issues with pitch invasions, all Clubs have had a communication from the FA to ensure that there are measures in place, and to plead to supporters to adhere to the rules.

BO questioned the previous issue of bag tagging in the marquee and supporters being searched in both the marquee and the ground. Confirmed to BO that this was documented at the last Alliance Meeting – i.e. that the case mentioned of bag searches in the marquee was a one off caused by a miscommunication.

DM reiterated the offer for members to attend steward meetings ahead of a game and also the invite to attend the steward training in the closed season.

PH passed on positive feedback for the good communication of the spotters who have been attending home and away fixtures. JH confirmed that he had fed back the previous feedback from this group to the police and will so again on this note.

2019/2020 shirts update

DM confirmed as the anniversary season had been clarified as being season 2020/21 there will be no retro anniversary shirt for season 19/20. For season 19/20 the normal process will be followed with the designs being shared with the Alliance group and fans to choose the final design.

MC raised a concern with delivery times for stock which had improved but are still not acceptable this season.

Update from MP when he joined the meeting at 11am – MP showed the group the designs by TAG for the next season and discussed with the group the process to agree the design ranging from online poll to an event evening.

RR raised an idea for sponsorship which will be reviewed by MP

Season tickets 2019/20 update.

DM updated that the ST plan has been presented to the Board and shared with the new owners. MP has met with Rob Baker, and will consult with the new owners for direction. The Club are looking for a better deal for supporters and note that all Alliance feedback has been included.

RR highlighted the concern of the potential drop in ST with the current regime and performance.

Post season awards consultation.

A discussion held whether there should be one general award or numerous awards with different reasons/achievements. It was resolved that:
• The club should publicise voting options for fans.
• Suggestion for the awards to be for winners only, not runner ups.


BO requested the gazebo for the Glovers Trust for the Macclesfield fixture – agreed. MC wished to note praise for the physio, Club doctor and first aiders at the previous home game when a they helped when a mascot fell over and cut his hand.

PH raised concern over the reduced support generally and reducing away travel which is now costing the G&W group money.

PH requested an update on the repair of the programme huts from JH. JH suggested to now wait due to reviewing the programme sales and aspects of the Club operations and resources may change at the Club in the future.

Date of next meeting

Wednesday 10th April at 10am.


• Groups to let JH know if wish to attend the SAG meeting. GT confirmed that they would send a rep.
• Groups to attend steward meeting on a match day – groups to let JH know.
• End of season awards – voting process to be implemented for the end of the season.
• Club to organise an evening event for shirt design and voting.

Mark Palmer and Peter Couhig joined the meeting at 11am for general discussion.

RR gave an introduction to the group and thanked them both for their attendance.

MP talked to the group about how their vision is fan focused and supporter led. Their target is to bring in more families, offer a better match day experience with improving facilities being the focus.

He understands the concerns with the current form on the pitch and believes that Huish Park should be a fortress. The atmosphere at the last two games were fantastic and should continue. He sees the fans as part of lifting the team at home and keeping the Club in the football league.

RR raised concern with the amount of fans lost over the years linking to results.

PH explained the lack of away support and value vs commitment. There has been a downward trend over the last 3 years.

PC explained that they can see the potential in the Club and want the town to be Green and White again and more.

MP stressed that the focus is to stay in league two, then build on over the next two years and that this process was started in the winter transfer window with 2-year contracts in place with players and the idea is to continue that process.

General discussions followed with individuals.

Results of the Alliance to date

• Alliance suggestion adopted by the club for lower price season tickets (and increase in age band from 21) for under 23s
• Alliance suggestion adopted by the club for lower match prices for young persons & under 16s
• Subsidised travel to Checkatrade 2018 semi-final game
• Ticket bundles introduced for 17/18 season to give fans some flexibility in purchasing tickets.
• Ticket bundles reintroduced for 2018/19 season at request of Alliance
• Extra marquee staff as due to licensing a speed bar implementation was not viable
• Introduction of Match Day hotline for service or anti-social behavior issues.
• Tab on website for the Alliance where updates and minutes of meetings can be viewed
• In association with fan poll, chose the 2018/19 home shirt.
• Consultation regarding 2018/19 match day programme.
• Consultation regarding 2018/19 end of season awards.
• Arranged meeting to address legal queries.
• Met with prospective investors